Taurus Mutual Fund

Taurus Mutual Funds is one of India’s largest privately-owned Mutual Fund houses. It has been in constant transactions since 1993 when the Indian Government mostly owned the biggest players in the business. Taurus Mutual Fund was also one of the first private players in Mutual Funds to register themselves with the SEBI.

Over its 25 years of operations, Taurus has managed to expand its portfolio to several Long Term and Short-Medium Term Mutual Funds. Registered in 1993, Taurus has had a successful journey in the market with multiple plans, including its first plan- Taurus Starshare- which is still going strong today.

Taurus MF is registered with Code No. MF/002/93 with SEBI and is currently one of India’s 10 largest Mutual Funds in terms of Assets Under Management.

Taurus has also had a very eventful history in India. It was the first private player to receive permission to manage investment profiles from NRIs and FIIs. Over the last decade, Taurus Mutual Fund has received a series of investments from the likes of IFC in Washington DC to the European Commission Investment Corporation headquartered in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Today, the Mutual Fund is managed by HB Portfolio Limited, which is also the Asset Management Company or AMC. It also has a Board of Trustees in the form of the Taurus Investment Trust Company, which is the de facto management of the Private Mutual Fund Company.

Taurus Mutual Fund is one of India’s most technologically sophisticated Mutual Fund houses. It was one of the first players to join the growing bandwagon to shift their operations online. Thanks to a hugely respected team of dedicated fund managers on its board of managers, Taurus has managed to retain a large population of India’s 29 states and 7 Union Territories as its loyal clientele.

Given that it has over 5000 branches across India, with a presence in more than 30 major cities and 50-odd smaller towns, Taurus has managed to penetrate what is considered a profoundly conservative market.

While the Mutual Funds business has continued to prosper, the management has changed multiple times. Two promoters- HB Mutual Fund & Taurus Mutual Fund- had merged in 1999 and formed a new entity listed as Creditcapital Asset Management Co. Ltd. Later in 2006, Creditcapital was renamed to Taurus Asset Management Co. Ltd.

In 2002, Taurus took over some portions of the BOI Mutual Fund. Post that, the market share of Taurus Mutual Funds has risen even more.

To comply with all domestic market norms and international standards, the Mutual Funds major has also teamed up with one of the world’s largest commercial banking entities- Deutsche Bank. HDFC Bank Ltd has control over most of its assets and also serves as a guarantor.

With over Rs. 400 Crore worth AuM, Taurus Mutual Fund is one of the fastest expanding Mutual Fund majors.

Key information

Mutual fundTaurus Mutual Fund
Set up20 August 1993
Incorporated27 July 1993
SponsorsHB Portfolio Limited
TrusteeTaurus Investment Trust Company Limited
ChairmanRajkiran Rai G.
MD and CEOMr. Waqar Naqvi and R. K. Gupta respectively
CIOMr. Dheeraj Singh
Investor Service OfficerMr. Yashpal Sharma
Compliance OfficerMs Anu Suri

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How can you invest in Taurus Mutual Funds?

Taurus was one of the first major players to implement an online procedure. It has managed to retain a significant share of its clients in major cities because it has delivered consistent and increasing returns since its inception in 1993. You too can invest in Taurus Mutual Funds online via the secured website Groww.

Here are the steps you need to remember.

Step 1: Sign in to your personal account on Groww. In case you do not have a personal ID on Groww, you can easily set up one today. It requires minimal documentation and very little time as well.

Step 2: You now need to upload your documents of identification, a process very similar to the KYC documentation which you complete at financial establishments. Accepted documents include a Passport, Voter ID card, PAN, Aadhaar card, a valid driving licence, an identification document issued by either the Central or a State Government, whichever is applicable for you.

Step 3: You must now provide residential address proof. Accepted documents in this section include any official document which mentions your permanent residence.

Step 4: Once the documentation process is completed, you need to select the tenure of Mutual Funds. You can choose a Long-Term, Short-Term, or Medium-Term tenure. Longer plans may have greater returns, but it takes many years to run its course. Shorter schemes may have higher risks associated.

Step 5: You now need to choose from high, low and medium risks. It depends on the amount you are investing and your risk appetite too. Keep in mind that Groww encourages you to contact your specialist advisors before you invest.

Step 6: Choose the “Invest One Time” option if you are planning to invest a substantial sum of money for an extended period at one go. You can also start a systematic investment plan or SIP by clicking on “Start a SIP”. Taurus Mutual Funds offer both options.

Also, note that the changes will start reflecting in your Groww account after 3 to 4 business days only. You must keep track of it accordingly.

Top Performing Taurus Mutual Funds

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Top Fund Managers

1. Mr. Waqar Naqvi

Mr. Waqar Naqvi is the Chief Executive Officer at Taurus Mutual Fund. With nearly three decades of industry experience, Mr. Naqvi leads the team of functional heads at Taurus.

He is a 1991 batch ICWA as well as an MBA in Finance from Nagpur University. He started his career as a Management Trainee at the now-defunct Thermax Ltd. in 1992. He then went on to work as Managers at two different firms, Apple Industries Ltd. and GE transport Financial Services Ltd. Subsequently, he was appointed Vice President of Escorts Finance Ltd where he worked for three years before joining Birla Sun Life AMC, again as a Vice President. He was the Country Head for Institutional Business as well as the Business Head for PMS and International Business.

Mr. Naqvi finally joined Taurus Mutual Fund in 2008 after 7 years at Birla Sun Life. He has now been associated with the AMC for almost 12 years and has spearheaded numerous campaigns and Mutual Funds on his own.

2. Mr. Dheeraj Singh

Mr. Singh has extensive experience in multiple segments across the entire banking and financial spectrum in India and abroad. He is currently the Head of all Investments at Taurus Mutual Funds.

Mr. Singh is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He specialised in Economics.

He has formerly been associated with the renowned Sundaram Asset Management Company, where he had high-ranking executive positions and eventually rose to become the Head of Fixed Income.

Mr. Singh currently monitors and is responsible for all Equity and Debt investment Services that Taurus Mutual Fund provides. He has also served as an independent financial advisor to many famous corporations.

3. Mr. Prasanna Pathak

Mr. Pathak is involved with Taurus Mutual Funds for many years now and currently heads the Equity Schemes department at Taurus.

He has previously served as a Research Analyst with Hindustan Unilever, a specialist in Financial research at UTI Mutual Funds and has worked with IndiaFirst Life too. His experience in the Debt-Equity Mutual Fund segment is an excellent asset for Taurus Mutual Funds.

Under his capable leadership, certain new schemes have also been launched, mostly Hybrid and Liquid schemes.

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