IDFC Mutual Fund

IDFC Mutual Fund was established in 2000 and is one of the largest Mutual Fund houses in India’s domestic market. In terms of Assets under Management or AUM, it is one of the 5 largest players in the sector. Over the years, the corporation has grown to cover most of the domestic market and has several regional headquarters across the Central and Eastern parts of the country, where economic growth is higher and more investment options are needed.

Despite being a relative newcomer, IDFC Mutual Fund has managed to shake up the domestic financial system. It has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from the Mutual Funds statutory bodies and from industry leaders in media and management.

IDFC Mutual Funds have more than Rs. 69,334 Crore as Assets Under Management as of December 2018, making it one of the largest players in the Mutual Funds industry.

Managed by the IDFC AMC Trustee Company Private Limited, IDFC Mutual Fund currently has over 250 Mutual Funds in the market that are divested across various segments – from Gilt Funds to Fund of Funds and Children’s Funds.

In 2000, the Reserve Bank of India [] IDFC Ltd. to transfer its shareholding to IDFC Financial Holding Company Limited from IDFC’s Asset Management Company in keeping with banking norms. IDFC Ltd. continues to function as the largest shareholder in its Assets Management Company and the Mutual Funds business.

The parent organisation of IDFC Mutual Funds, IDFC Ltd., was established by the Central Government to fast-track the growth of private businesses in India. IDFC Ltd. also operates IDFC Bank.

IDFC Ltd. specialises in Financing, Principal Restructuring, Investment Banking, Brokerage, Assets Management and Advisory Services, and Project Financing. Its Asset Management operations include:

I. Investments via IDFC Alternatives Ltd., which specialises in private and project equity investments.

II. IDFC Assets Management Company or AMC which manages public markets asset management.

Auditors of IDFC Mutual Funds include the likes of Deloitte Haskins and Sells. The custodian of IDFC MF is Deutsche Bank Limited AG. IDFC Mutual Funds include of NAVs and AUMs, and have many options for first-time, experienced, retail and corporate investors et al.

Key information

Mutual fundIDFC Mutual Fund
Asset management companyIDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.
Set upMarch 13, 2000
IncorporatedDec 20, 1999
SponsorsIDFC Ltd.
TrusteeIDFC AMC Trustee Company Private Limited
ChairmanMr Sunil Kakar
MD and CEOMr Vishal Kapoor
Investor Service OfficerMr. Sunil Aryamane

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How can you invest in Idfc Mutual Funds?

Investing in IDFC Mutual Funds is easy when you have an account with Groww, one of the largest online investing platforms. Here are the steps to invest in the best IDFC Mutual Fund online.

Step 1: Log in to your personal Groww account by providing your user ID and password. If you do not have a Groww account, you can easily register for one.

Step 2: You must now upload your identification documents similar to any financial establishment’s KYC norms. Accepted documents include a passport, a valid Driving license, PAN, Aadhaar Card, or any form of identification issued by either the Central or State Government.

Step 3: Upload documents validating your address. Accepted documents in this section include any document that lists your permanent residence.

Step 4: Select the appropriate period of investment.

Step 5: Select your preferred risk level. Choose from high, low or medium. High risk Mutual Funds usually have better returns but are also more susceptible to market volatility.

Step 6: You can now select the best IDFC Mutual Fund online via our website.

Step 7: If you are looking to invest a lump-sum amount for a longer term, you can select the “Invest one time” option. Alternatively, you can choose the option to “Start SIP.” You can choose from a wide range of plans from our secure website.

That sums up the process of your investment. The IDFC Mutual Fund you choose to invest in will reflect in your Groww account in 3-4 working days.

Top Performing Idfc Mutual Funds

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Top Fund Managers

1. Mr. Vinod Rai

Mr. Vinod Rai is the CAG of India. He is currently the Non-Executive Independent Chairman of IDFC Limited. He has previously served as the Secretary in the Central Ministry of Finance. During his stint as the Secretary, he was involved in the Financial Services sector and has extensive supervisory experience of banks and other financial organisations.

Mr. Rai has also served as one of the directors of ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IDFC and the LIC of India. In the past, Mr. Rai has also served in the Kerala Government as the Finance Ministry’s Principal Secretary.

With his long and remarkable track record in Governmental and private sectors, Mr. Rai adds an element of stability to a very dynamic company.

2. Ms. Anita Ramachandran

Ms. Ramachandran is currently one of the Independent Directors of IDFC Mutual Funds. She is an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Mumbai and is one of the most influential Human Resources professionals in India.

Ms. Ramachandran is an acclaimed expert in Compensation and Rewards Management. Previously, she has been associated with the A.F. Ferguson’s Management Consultancy. She is a very well-received author and a speaker, and has been a Dorab Tata scholar in the past.

3. Mr. Sunil Kakar

Mr. Kakar is currently the associate director of IDBI Mutual Fund. She is also the CEO and Managing Director of IDFC Limited. He began his career at the Bank of America. He has led the BoI’s India division for many years in the past too.

Mr. Kakar was one of the few members of the original group of professionals who founded Max New York Life in India. He first joined the IDFC family as one of the most senior members of the Group Chief Financial Officer initially. He is an alumnus of the St Xavier’s College of Kolkata and a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Management, Kanpur.

4. Mr. Vishwavir Saran Das

Mr. Das is an Independent Director of the Mutual Funds division of IDFC Ltd. He has a background in Economics and Human Resource Management. He qualified from CAIIB in Russia.

Mr. Das has worked for more than 36 years in the Reserve Bank of India. He has served with the Government to formulate the Right to Information Act and Financial Education of the people of India. She has previously worked as an Arbitrator of various stock exchanges of the Asian and International markets.

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