BOI AXA Mutual Fund

The BOI AXA Mutual Fund is one of India’s largest Mutual Fund houses. It is a joint venture between one of the largest Public Sector Banks in India, the Bank of India or BOI, and the AXA Investment Managers group, one of the world’s largest asset management and investment corporations. Although smaller in terms of Assets under Management or AUM, BOI AXA Mutual Fund has grown from strength to strength over the past few years.

About Bank of India

Bank of India is well over a century old now. It was started by a group of like-minded businessmen in Bombay, the financial capital of British India unlike Calcutta, on September 7, 1906. It began its journey as a private bank. In the bank nationalisation drive in 1969, it was taken over by the government alongside 13 other banks.

Bank of India had very humble origins, much like most other establishments around that time. It had an initial paid up capital of Rs 50 Lakh and used to employ 50 people initially. Over the years, the bank has grown at a rapid pace and now has a significant presence across each of India’s states and Union Territories. Bank of India currently has over 5000 branches all over the country. It also has 8 NBG offices spread over India and a total of 54 zonal offices too.

The first time the Bank of India had an initial public offering or IPO was in 1997, earlier than most major financial institutions of the country. In February 2008, BOI became one of the first banks to offer a Qualified Returns Placement.

What sets Bank of Baroda apart from many other banks is its long association with the spread of technology in banking and general macroeconomic circumstances. BOI was one of the pioneers behind the payments system called SWIFT, which was the backbone of all payments system in India.

In 1989, Bank of India had another pioneering effect when it introduced a fully computerised bank branch and an ATM at the Mahalakhsmi branch in Mumbai. In 1989, there were no banks which had their personal ATM services. BOI has been held in high esteem by most major investment and ratings agencies.

In 1982, BOI had decided to adopt the Health Code System, a measure designed to rate the health of credit. BOI management has never faced serious scrutiny due to excellent banking standards, a robust checks-and-balances system, and significantly good quality of credit, BOI was one of the few banks which managed to emerge from the 2008 financial meltdown relatively unscathed.

BOI remains one of the foremost financial institutions across the world too, with 60 offices spread across 5 continents. BOI also has a decent presence across the pre-eminent financial capitals of the world including Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and London.

Bank of India AXA Mutual Fund is known for a wide range of packages and superior returns.

About AXA

Partnering BOI in its Mutual Funds business is AXA Investment Managers or AXAIM, the leading assets management firm which is a group company of the gigantic AXA Group. The latest available financial data reveals that AXAIM has AUM of more than EUR 730 billion till the last day of 2018.

AXA is a French major located in the 8 arrondissement.

AXA’s IM offshoot was founded in 1994. AXA specialises in financial management and protection. AXA IM is, likewise, a market leader in assets management.

Their Investment Managers also excel at providing insurance services to both retail and corporate customers. Family funds, pension services, family offices and traditional wealth management practices are all covered by AXAIM.

AXAIM is located in 21 major countries across the world and employs more than 2000 people. Together with BOI, it has managed to make an impact on Mutual Funds in India.

Both the giants have also joined hands to work as trustees for the Mutual Funds business.

Key information

Mutual fundBOI AXA Mutual Fund
Asset management companyBOI AXA Trustee Services Private Limited
Set up31/3/2008
SponsorsBank of India and AXA Asset Management
TrusteeBOI AXA Trustee Services Private Limited
Name of trusteesMr. Ravi GuptaMr. Sumant ChadhaMr. Raghu PalatMr. Simon LopezMr. A.K. BhargavaMr. S.A. Bhat
MD and CEOSandeep Dasgupta
CIOAlok Singh
Investor Service OfficerN. Chandrasekaran
Compliance OfficerAlok Singh

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Remember that risks and amounts invested both come into play to yield dividends. The higher the risk, the greater the returns. However, if there is market turbulence and Mutual Funds buckle under the pressure, those with highest risk levels may face exposure. Low risks likewise translate to lower yields. If you have confidence in your judgment or have access to quality service, you can opt for medium-risk Mutual Funds.

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Top Performing Boi Axa Mutual Funds

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Top Fund Managers

1. Mr. Bruno Guilloton

Mr. Guilloton is the incumbent CEO of the BOI AXA Mutual Fund division. He has been involved with the AXA-BOI joint venture in the Asia Pacific region now for more than 10 years. He was previously the Head of Equities of the AXA Assets Management section as well as the Global Head of Internal Audit at AXA IM later on. He was also with the Banque Indosuez and has worked with Indosuez Asset Management, where he was the Joint in-charge of Equity Management.

2. Mr. Robert Sherlock

Mr. Sherlock is currently the Chief of Risk Management of BOI AXA in Asia. He has extensive experience in Risk Assessment and minimising it from his previous capacities at AXA’s worldwide operations where he was the Internal Audit Manager and Risk Officer. Post his joining AXA AM, he has held a series of high-level executive posts, including the acting CRO of AXA Framlington. Mr. Sherlock is a highly feted Chartered Accountant who has also worked with KPMG in their offices at London and Hong Kong.

3. Mr. Devender Paul Sharma

Mr. Devender Paul Sharma is currently the Associate Director of BOI AXA Mutual Funds. He has been with the Bank of India family for over 37 years now. Mr. Sharma has years of extensive experience in many disciplines including Retail and NBG banking, HR, International Banking and Corporate Banking. He is currently attached to the headquarters of BOI in Mumbai as the head of Customer Excellence, PR, Marketing and Resource Mobilisation.

4. Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra

Mr. Mishra joined the BOI family in 1984 and is now the General Manager of BOI. He has worked for more than 5 years at the Banker’s Training College and is a well-regarded professional with exposure to Economic Intelligence, Audits, Planning and Strategy.

5. Mr. Sudhir Chand

Mr. Chand is an Electrical Engineer from BITS Pilani who has served with Crompton Greaves and Exide in the past. His professional career spans more than 40 years. He is now an Independent Director of BOI AXA Mutual Funds and is also a visiting faculty member of IIM Calcutta.

He is one of the towering figures of the HR revolution in India as well.

6. Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Mr. Gupta first made his name with American Express, a Fortune 50 company, where he was a very senior executive. He has also headed AMEX in India. Under his inspirational leadership, Mr. Gupta led to India’s first global operations centre. He has also served in several high-profile positions at a tractor major and a cola major in the past. He joined the Bank of India in 1996 and has since risen to become an Independent Director of the JV between BOI and AXA that led to the incorporation of the BOI AXA Mutual Fund.

Mr. Gupta is also regarded widely in academic circles. He is a guest faculty at Duke University Corporate Education and the Global CEO of English Helper.

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